Nawgum Wins Reader’s Favorite Award

Awesome news! The fantastic retailers have once again nominated us in the Reader’s Favorite Awards from Baby & Children’s Product News! The Nawgum Teether has won another award as one of the Best Teethers!! Thank you so much for nominating us. It means the world to us at Mello & Co.

Watch for us to be named in the June/July 2016 Issue of Baby & Children’s Product News. This is one of the top trade magazines for the juvenile products industry in the country. It is published bi-monthly and mailed to over 20,000 juvenile product retailers. We are so humbled and excited to take top honors in this category.

We want to thank the many awesome retailers who voted for Nawgum!

BCPN reader star 0616

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Nawgum to the Rescue – Discovering Parenthood Review

The best part about our job as a teething toy developer is to hear from real moms that our Nawgum Teether has helped make life easier. What a gift! Many thanks to momma Tamara at Discovering Parenthood for giving Nawgum a try for her wee one. Tamara has been dealing with Addie teething for months now, but like some babies there are still no teeth. There’s still a long way to go for Addie’s tooth development. Addie has had all of the classic symptoms – drooling, bright red cheeks, and wanting to chew on everything. As Tamara said, “Nawgum to the rescue!” She writes…

You might have noticed with the arrival of all the Spring and Summer items in store that anything Cactus is everywhere, and we love that this teether is also in a cactus shape. It’s perfectly on trend. It’s also a perfect shape for chewing on. Addie is able to grab it on her own with her pudgy little hands by the arms of the cactus, and she happily rotates it to different parts to gnaw on. I wasn’t sure if she would ever use the little circular knobs on either side, but sure enough she did. The main part of it is smooth, but there are different textures across several parts of it allowing her to choose what she wants. Now, my daughter loves to chew on her fingers, and Mom and Dad’s fingers too. Another thing about the cactus shape that is great is that the arms of it are similar to the shape of a finger which provide a much needed drool break for parents!

Make sure to check out Tamara’s full review and enter the Nawgum Teether giveaway if you’ve got a little one going through teething!


Nawgum Review by The Pampered Baby

We are absolutely in love with this little guy named Liam! Liam’s mom, Katherine, is a fantastic blogger located in the metro Vancouver area. In addition to writing this wonderful Nawgum Review she runs a pretty amazing blog too. The Pampered Baby is an awesome place for ladies to talk about all aspects of life; the good, the crazy, and everything in between. Her posts truly make you feel like you’re talking to a close friend.

Katherine’s little one has been going through some pretty gnarly teething symptoms so she was happy to test out our Nawgum Teether. Judging by the adorable photos we think Liam likes it! Katherine said seeing Liam chomping on Nawgum makes her smile. We’re ecstatic that Nawgum can help provide some relief for Liam and make mom smile in the process.

Katherine writes….

Whether your baby needs something to help their first teeth break through, or to lessen the discomfort/pain of those last molars, this is an effective- and cute!- option, suitable for all stages of teething.

You can get your little one’s hands on your own Nawgum! Head on over to Katherine’s blog post to enter to win one.

Liam and his Nawgum


Baby Toes and Nawgum

Nawgum Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Woot! Our Nawgum Teether was just featured in the February issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine in the “Stuff We Love” section. ❤ This month’s “Stuff We Love” section has a cactus theme and, of course, Nawgum’s cactus shaped arms are shaped for easily reaching and managing all areas of the mouth during all three stages of teething and oral development.

Pregnancy and Newborn is a monthly magazine which shares the excitement of pregnancy and early parenthood with women across the U.S. and in Canada. It’s filled with awesome articles and tips for moms-to-be and new mamas, fashion, style and beauty for mom, and baby products to satisfy every style and budget.

Pick up a copy of the February 2016 issue or you can view a digital copy of the issue online (Nawgum is featured on page 22).


February Cover of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine Nawgum Featured in Pregnancy Newborn Magazine


Loving Littles – Nawgum Review & Giveaway

We recently received some more love from a Canadian mom and blogger! Keisha is a blogger from British Columbia with a little one, Ella, who has been suffering with some painful teething. If you’re a parent you know the signs. Keisha writes that Ella has been enjoying her new Nawgum!

What I really loved about Nawgum is that Ella can easily grab and pick it up herself. The two arms replicate fingers, which we all know how much teething babies love shoving fingers into their mouth to chew on, this replaces your fingers!

We love to hear that Nawgum could help provide some relief for darling Ella. In addition to this wonderful Nawgum review, Keisha is also giving away a Nawgum to one of her Instagram followers. Head on over to her blog to read her review and find out how to enter the giveaway.

Read the full Nawgum review on the Loving Littles Blog.

Nawgum Review & Giveaway by Imaginary Sails

Tanitha, a banker, blogger at Imaginary Sails, and mom to this darling little chomper, lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. She is our very first Canadian mom to blog about the Nawgum Teether!

While Tanitha’s little one hasn’t been a huge chewer while he’s been teething he also hasn’t shown much interest in other teethers.

Tanitha writes, “When we got the Nawgum teether, the first thing little H did was grab onto it, the little cactus arms are perfect for little hands to hold on to making it easy for them to get it where they need it for relief. …He seems to take particularly to the little knob in the center putting it to the side of his mouth to get at the area bugging him. Not only that but in the past couple days he has been utilizing the longer ‘arms’ of the cactus to get farther back in his mouth.

We love to hear that Nawgum could help provide some relief for “Little H.” In addition to an amazing review, Tanitha will also be giving away a Nawgum. So head on over soon to her blog to read her review and to enter the giveaway!

Read the full review and enter the Nawgum giveaway at Imaginary Sails

Founder Sue Kellogg Featured on NPR

If you had on your radio today you may have heard our founder, Sue Kellogg, coming through your stereo.

Sue was featured on NPR during the morning show and will be featured during the famous All Things Considered to talk about being a mom-preneur and how she got the idea to invent the Nawgum Teether.

If you’re in Michigan, tune in to your local NPR station. You can also listen live at

If you missed the show, you can listen to the segment online on WCMU’s website: Destiny or self-will? The story behind a Traverse City entrepreneur’s success