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Nawgum Now in Children’s Therapy Corner Locations

We are so excited to announce that our Nawgum teether is now in all Children’s Therapy Corner locations in Michigan! Nawgum will be implemented into feeding therapy sessions as well as other forms of therapy sessions. It will also be offered as another wonderful chewing option for toddlers, older children, and will be available for families.

Children’s Therapy Corner originally opened in 1997 and now has locations in Midland, Traverse City, and Lansing. Each location provides rehabilitation and therapeutic services to families and children with physical, sensory, cognitive and communication needs.

We are proud to work with such a fantastic organization!

Nawgum Recognized as Top Sensory Baby Product

WOW! We are feeling humble and proud to have our Nawgum teether recognized in this fantastic article on Celebrity Baby Trends! The article titled, “Feeling The World Through Itty Bitty Fingers and Piggy Toes”, was written by Rae Suba, a Certified Pediatric Occupational Therapist, who specializes in Sensory Processing Disorders, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delays, Genetic, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Rae shares her top recommendations in sensory, tactile toy choices for children ages 6 months to 6 years of age. She discusses the importance of providing tactile toys and touch activities early in your child’s life which will open a gateway of opportunities for your child’s fine motor skills to develop and flourish.

Here’s what Rae had to say about Nawgum…

Mello & Co. Nawgum Teethers offer a great knobby textured surface for babies looking for more tactile sensory input in their mouths, especially on their tongues and those hard to reach back molar areas. This teether is easy to manipulate, even for younger babies, and provides additional sensory input without them accidentally gagging themselves. A great concept!

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A Real Mom Nawgum Review by Nantucket Baby

Thank you for this wonderful review of Nawgum, Amanda of Nantucket Baby! We are so happy to hear this story from a real mom and to know that Nawgum was able to help.

Hi Sue,
Our Nawgums arrived this weekend!!!
I have to say this, my 10 year old son (who we discussed is Autistic) loves it!!! If he didn’t have something to chew on, he would bite his hands and nails to the point that they would bleed. He has carried Nawgum around with him all weekend, it fit in his pocket, it was discreet enough in his hand, not once did he bite his hands or nails this weekend. For this reason alone, I am a huge fan!! Thank you! My 2 year old likes to chew it as well as long as its cold. It is easy for both of them to grasp, my nephew described it as a cactus!
Best, Amanda

nantucket-baby-nawgum-review A Good Teether Can Be a Sanity Saver

We are honored to be recognized by in this wonderful article showing siblings bonding for the first time using our award-winning Nawgum teething toy! is a leader in special needs information and resources and provides an unbiased informational source for parents.

Excerpt: Nawgum’s easy grip and fun shape make this all-in-one teether a must have for families with special needs kids. Winner of the Family Choice Award, the Nawgum was tested by a family with twin boys, one of whom has Borderline MR.Typically, the parents have to buy different products for each of the children. The Nawgum was intended for their neuro-typical child. However, they soon found out that both boys were sharing the Nawgum! The parents were happy to see that the children had something to bond over. Now they both have their very own Nawgum, but enjoy using it together.

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